What Questions Should Homeowners Ask Their Chosen Cleaner?

March 2, 2022
Luna Lovegood

In recent years, hiring personal home cleaners has been a need for most people. As everybody jumped in a nine-to-five job or became busier with more important responsibilities, having someone clean after you or as needed is essential for maintaining a home.

However, since many companies offer a cleaning service nowadays, it pays to become picky in terms of the quality of service. Therefore, it helps to ask cleaners specific questions to help homeowners choose the best cleaner to perform the required service. Here are some questions a homeowner should ask their chosen cleaner.

1. Which Cleaning Products and Tools Are You Familiar?

Homeowners need to know whether the cleaner is familiar with the cleaning products and tools. A cleaner familiar with the cleaning products means that they can use the proper cleaning tool or product to clean the area without damaging the things inside.

The type of tools or products used for cleaning a home can determine the outcome of the cleaning job. For instance, using a vacuum with a long, wide nozzle can be better for cleaning narrow areas. Aside from that, a cleaner familiar with the tools and products can use it better.

2. Can You Work With Other Cleaners?

Based on the cleaning service offered, some homeowners have assigned more than one cleaner for their tasks. In this case, it is essential to know whether the cleaner is comfortable working with another cleaner or not. While some people may feel uncomfortable with another person cleaning their home, a cleaner must assure the homeowner that they can work well with others.

3. Are You Open to Taking Night Shifts?

Some homeowners, especially those who work during the day, need help cleaning their homes during the night. In this case, it is essential to know whether the cleaner is comfortable working at night or not. A cleaner should tell their potential clients if they can help them at night or not.

Depending on the time, job, and location, some people need a cleaning service available even at night. If the cleaner is open and can take night shifts, the homeowner can likely get their tasks done when required.

4. How Do You Approach Cleaning with Other People Around?

Homeowners may not just be comfortable with their cleaners entering their homes. However, this doesn’t mean that they can’t work with their cleaners in the house. A good cleaner must be able to work their way around their clients. If the cleaner can work with other people, then homeowners can live with the cleaner during the cleaning process.

5. Do You Have Strategies in Cleaning?

In the case of a professional cleaner, they should have their cleaning strategies in treating the home. A professional cleaner should have their ways to clean a house or office properly. The cleaning schedule and condition help the homeowner know how well the cleaner will do the job.


While hiring a professional cleaner is no longer a big deal, choosing the right person for the job may appear to be challenging. However, the process of finding the right cleaner becomes easy if homeowners know the right questions to ask. After asking these questions, homeowners can decide whether the person is fit for the job. A professional cleaner should thoroughly answer these questions.

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